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3120 Series Cable Management Server Rack Cabinet

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This LINIER™ high density solution for cooling and cabling is a cut above the rest. This is a must-have for any data center or network wiring closet with a large amount of cables.
This cabinet features a fully vented front door with a sleek convex shape, split rear doors to save space, and lockable/removable side panels to allow easy access to all of your hardware. This cabinet is extra wide to allow up to 3.75 inches of cable on either side of the rack and includes 2 cable managers with front hinged covers that hide the cable and keep your cabling organized. The cable managers can be installed in the front or rear of the cabinet based on your individual needs.
When you need to load a cabinet with servers and cables, this is the rack for you.


• 2 sets of adjustable mounting rails
• Removable locking side panels
• Top and bottom removable cable slots
• Cage nut style rails
• Two (2) built-in cable managers
• Split rear doors
• 19″ EIA compliant
• Includes casters and levelers


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