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3110 Series Server Rack Cabinet

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The LINIER™ brand of server rack cabinets is an entry level solution. This cabinet is designed to provide maximum ventilation, having two fully vented doors. The front door has a sleek convex shape to make it look sharp while the rear door offers complete ventilation. Each rack comes with 2 sets of vertical rails that adjust in 1 inch increments, lockable, removable side panels, casters and levelers. The top of the cabinet has cut-outs allowing you to install up to four 4 inch fans. Also there are removable cable slots for easy installation of all your network cabling. 3110 Series LINIER™ brand cabinets are available in 22U, 27U, 37U, 42U.


• 2 sets of adjustable mounting rails
• Removable locking side panels
• Cage nut style mounting rails
• Top and bottom removable cable slots
• Locking vented front and rear doors
• Includes casters and levelers
• 19″ EIA compliant


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