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200 Series LAN Stations

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The Kendall Howard Performance™ 200 Series LAN Station / Workbench is designed to allow users to sit at this modular and fuctional work station. The 14” deep lower shelf provides just enough storage space for shallow components leaving plenty of leg room and creating a functional and comfortable place to sit and work.The completely modular design makes it simple to create the perfect work station. Kendall Howard’s complete line of functional accessories make configuration quick and easy. With everything from LCD mounts to open frame racks, all accessories are simple and easy to install. Pick and choose from LCD mounts, open frame racks, additional shelving, and other accessories to create the perfect workspace.The Performance™ 100 Series LAN Stations / Workbenches are commonly used as Tech Benches, Video Editing Stations, Command Consoles, Security Monitoring Stations, and so much more. All Performance™ 100 Series LAN Stations / Workbenches are made in the USA and have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


• available in 24″, 48″, 72″, 96″
• Completely modular design
• Universal preset accessory mounting holes
• Assembles in less than 30 minutes
• Adjust upper shelving in any increment
• Weight capacity 1000 lbs.
• 7-layer laminate
• Made in the USA
• Limited Lifetime Warranty


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